Manufacturers, large and small, are a core demographic of our client base. We routinely work with family-owned companies, as well as global manufacturers, whose operations range from industrial, metal, biomedical, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical manufacturing.

Our experience gives us insight to issues these varied manufactures face. Our firm’s focus on key areas of the law mirrors most manufacturers’ needs. We assist them with environmental, insurance coverage, real estate, litigation, and general business needs.


We assist manufactures with all environmental related issues across all media (air, water, and soil). These include:

  • Obtain necessary permitting
  • Compliance & Enforcement issues
  • Assist with audits
  • Conduct necessary due diligence

Insurance Coverage

Regardless of the coverage (general liability, property, product liability, environmental, etc.), we help manufactures recover from their insurers and make sure their insurance programs are adequate, including the following:

  • Assist with property losses
  • Navigate general liability coverage
  • Litigate regarding environmental coverage disputes
  • Conduct coverage audits

Real Estate

Site locations can be vital to manufactures for many reasons (logistics, labor availability, etc.). Our real estate attorneys do not just assist in selling property, they also help manufacturers assess the risk of a site and negotiate the best possible terms to acquire the land and space you need. Specifically, we help:

  • Acquire and sell property
  • Redevelop brownfields
  • Conduct necessary due diligence
  • Assist with financing
  • Negotiate lease agreements
  • Navigate zoning and land use issues


Our attorneys help manufacturers with a variety of litigation needs. We regularly represent them in lawsuits such as:

  • Commercial disputes with suppliers or customers
  • Product-liability claims
  • Environmental disputes
  • Employment-related litigation


We work with our manufacturing clients to make sure they are compliant and operational. We work with them in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Corporate governance documentation
  • Selling/acquiring entities
  • Financing major equipment upgrades
  • Assist with employment issues
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