We live in world defined by technology. Clients of all sizes – from municipalities and Fortune 500 companies to individuals, startups and local businesses – impact and are impacted by technology. To thrive, your business must keep pace in our fast-paced, information based economy. You need attorneys equipped to do the same. From data security and breach remediation, to electronically-stored information discovery disputes in litigation, to B.Y.O.D. workplace policies, to patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret protection and IP litigation, to venture capital and startup financing deals, we are equipped to help you navigate your ever-changing marketplace.

Our team-oriented, multi-disciplinary approach to technology includes transactional, litigation and regulatory components. Our technology practice touches each of our core practice area and allows us to provide full-service counseling to our diversified range of clients in multiple industries. Technology is something to be embraced, not avoided. A fearless attitude and entrepreneurial spirit are part of the firm’s ethos. We pride ourselves on providing creative, innovative solutions to clients’ complex matters. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate as you face the challenges and opportunities brought on by technology. Let us help you navigate the cutting edge.

  • Advise alternative energy company regarding the construction and sale of a solar field designed to service a preferred client with excess energy generation transferred to the local utility’s electric grid
  • Advised a property developer regarding the installation and financing of a natural gas combined heat and power system for a large industrial end user
  • Represent agricultural startup in developing cutting-edge financing mechanism for ancillary farming services
  • Represent technology park and tech incubator in potential environmental claims
  • Advise healthcare clients in evaluating and addressing potential HIPAA data breach events
  • Advise vertically-integrated nutraceutical company on tax incentives, entity formation and lease negotiations
  • Advise award-winning Indiana-based international non-profit on entity formation and intellectual property protection
  • Advise consulting firm in negotiation of data analytics licensing agreements and intellectual property protection
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