The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives and had a dramatic impact on the economy. Businesses have been forced to shut down, cancel events, and/or restrict their operations. Individuals have been forced to shelter in place. This interruption of “normal” has had detrimental impacts individuals and companies.

Our attorneys’ focused practices are helping clients survive and navigate this difficult time. This work includes:

  • Evaluating and prosecuting insurance coverage claims for policyholders (e.g., business income/interruption, civil authority, contingent business time element/dependent business income, communicable disease, event policy, supply chain, trade credit, worker’s comp, D&O, and CGL);
  • Advising what to expect next from IDEM and/or the EPA in the enforcement and permitting arenas; and
  • Advising business on contractual obligations in light of COVID-19, (e.g., force majeure clauses).

 Please find below helpful information on these topics and other issues surrounding COVID-19. Stay safe.

Indiana COVID-19-Related Executive Orders

National Resources

State and Local Resources

Indiana State Department of Health

Marion County Public Health Department

Joseph County Department of Health

Indiana Small Business Administration

Indiana State Chamber of Commerce

Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce

PSRB COVID-19 Response Team

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