Nonprofits and religious organizations face many of the same legal issues as any other client, from dealing with employees to evaluating insurance coverage for their operations. But they also must consider unique questions for tax-exempt entities, like deciding which tax-exempt category is the best fit to avoiding the loss of their status. Nonprofits also have missions that are different from typical businesses. In addition, religious organizations have constitutional and related protections that require them to navigate a complex, ever-changing, and sometimes-controversial legal landscape.

We combine lessons from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, including religious organizations, to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their missions. We help establish corporate entities, assist in obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt recognition, identify best practices in corporate governance and risk management, and deal with various problems, disputes and litigation that come up during the life of any organization. We are equipped to help with any legal question or problem a nonprofit or religious organization might face.


We assist nonprofits and religious organizations with any of their business-related issues, including the following:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Draft, review, and revise corporate documents, like bylaws, resolutions, and policies
  • Various issues implicating employment law, like employee handbooks, employment litigation, employment agreements, and termination
  • Entity Formation & Governance including incorporation, governing documents, and obtaining tax-exempt recognition
  • Risk Management, including identifying best practices, accountability, and insurance needs
  • Transactions, including identifying those that might pose risks to tax-exempt status


We help nonprofits and religious organizations find insurance coverage for their purposes, whether it’s ensuring their programs are adequate or recovering from their insurance providers after a loss.

  • Coverage & Program Analysis for initial insurance policies, renewing, or transitioning to a new insurance provider, by providing coverage audits
  • Directors & Officers is an important type of coverage for nonprofits and religious organizations to protect directors and officers, who are often volunteers, from lawsuits based on allegations of fraud or mismanagement in which those individuals are personally named along with the organization.
  • Errors & Omissions is another important type of coverage for nonprofits and religious organizations, which may face liabilities resulting from allegations of mismanagement or workplace-related activities.
  • Assist with property losses

Real Estate

Almost all nonprofits have legal issues related to real estate, from leasing their first offices to purchasing or selling real estate they own. Religious organizations have particular needs thanks to additional federal and state protections for their land use.

  • Acquire and sell property
  • Conduct necessary due diligence
  • Assist with financing
  • Negotiate lease agreements
  • Navigate zoning and land use issues
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